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Strategy | Communication | CRM
& a lot of love for the food industry

Making the complex simple to deliver actual results. Providing creative inspiration for businesses to get closer to their full potential since 2010.

I specialize in consulting brands on how to connect with current or potential consumers. From finding the right strategy to creating the right message to setting up an effective way to communicate.

Strategy Workshops

Lay the groundwork for a stronger brand communication strategy. My workshops help you to uncover your differentiation potential.

CRM & Newsletter Concepts

With 20+ years experience in developing consumer loyalty programs and newsletter content marketing, we will find the right solution for your audience.
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About me

Hi, this is me.

I’m a textrovert, social trend curating communication expert currently living in Austria.

Sometimes it is just about a helping hand from the outside to get your focus back on track. I will support you to get where your brand messages & communication strategy needs to be. Not by sugar coating the areas of improvement, but with creative solutions that have been proven to work.