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Nina Mohimi

Blending 25 Years of Marketing Expertise with Culinary Creativity. 

As a multi-hyphenate professional currently specializing in culinary consumer trends, innovation workshops, food writing and the cultivation of culinary ideas, events, and concepts, I have seamlessly merged my extensive marketing experience with a deep love for the culinary community. My expertise extends to designing memorable culinary events and pop-ups, scouting and curating panels, and moderating talks that gather culinary minds together. I facilitate workshops and tastings for product development teams, deliver keynotes on custom trend reports as well as support new product development.

And some say I am also fun to work with. 

Phone +43 660 60 333 11

 Vienna, Austria



Shaping the Future of Culinary Innovation with 25 Years of Expertise.

As a professional with a multi-faceted background, I have dedicated over 25 years to the fields of marketing and communication, with a particular focus on the food and beverage industry in recent years. My work encompasses leading culinary trends innovation workshops, engaging in food writing, and developing culinary content and publications, all aimed at fostering new culinary ideas, events, and concepts. My experience includes significant roles in transformational projects and mergers within the Austrian market, demonstrating a commitment to both creative and strategic development.


Transitioning from a career that spanned across innovative industries such as mobile telecommunications and solar energy, I shifted my focus to consulting within the culinary sector 14 years ago. This decision was driven by a desire to apply my accumulated expertise to a field I am passionate about, aiming to make a tangible impact on the culinary community.


My involvement extends to moderating culinary talks and delivering keynotes on consumer trends, where I share insights and stimulate discussions on the future of food. This part of my work is motivated by a belief in the importance of shaping culinary directions in a way that is both anticipatory and practical.


I have a proven track record contributing to the success of various large-scale projects, products, media platforms, and publications. My efforts have always been geared towards creating value and driving innovation and growth, while also keeping an eye on evolving market dynamics and consumer preferences.


Furthermore, I am engaged in several passion projects with social and charitable objectives, emphasizing my commitment to using my skills for the benefit of the culinary community. My career reflects a balance between pursuing innovation, fostering industry growth, and contributing positively to the culinary community.


REWE | Barilla DE & AT | Tabasco | Wasa DE | NOAN Olive Oil | Agrana Fruit | Österreich Werbung | Frisch gekocht | Wiener Zeitung | NÖM | LinkedIn | Disney Interactive | Pona | Eames Office | Korn/Ferry HQ Los Angeles | Unimarkt | Red Bull Media House | Ströck Brot | Greenpeace | A1 Telekom | Drei Austria | Dr. Schär | Spitz | Hofer KG | Landwirtschaftskammer | Dr. Oetker | WIFI Wien | Technikum Wien | Honigmayr | Dr. Hauschka | Hartl Haus | Moët Hennessy ... & many more


  • co-created and hosted "foodcamp vie" the largest annual german speaking food influencer conference 2012-2015.


  • co-created the awarded non-profit "taste austria" 2014 a platform to highlight small artisan producers all over austria on a digital map. later gifted on through a female empowerment bid with an austrian newspaper. 


  • co-created a refugee initiative "hosten statt posten" in 2015 that resulted in the restaurant "habibi & hawara".


  • co-created the non profit initiative "" in 2020. a platform to support restaurant during lockdown (generated around eur 800k in vouchers).




  • Workshops and Tastings for Product Development Teams

  • Keynotes and Lectures on Culinary Consumer Trends

  • Custom Product and Recipe Development



  • Culinary Event and Pop-up Concepts

  • Scouting and Curation of Culinary Panels

  • Moderation of Culinary Talks



  • Conceptual Development of Culinary Publications 

  • Custom Food Trend Reports 

  • Food Writing 




“we could not think of any women in the culinary sector for our panels" 

next time someone says that, feel free to share this link i created with a detailed work-in-prograss spreadsheet that features 200+ international and national women in the f&b and hospitality business. 
all of them deserve a stage.
<< take me to the list >>


Phone +43 660 60 333 11


Location Vienna, Austria


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